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Our story starts way back, when a bird try to fly without feather.


To establish such an environment for the children where the individual child may feel free to do, learn, grow up and flourish their life without any problems that they never achieved such an environment during their struggle and victim life.

General objective

To ensure the authority of childs who are dispossessed from their fundamental rights & back warded from the government avoiding all kind of discrimination, mistreat & exploit. Ensuring an education, health, protection for the child, minimizing several kind of bad treat, contamination, exploitation and to flourish social justice, human rights, preservation and conservation of child right is general vision of this organization.


Child help center is a non-profitabal altruistic organization. This was founded in Musikot Municipality word no.1 Khalanga Bazzar (Head office), But we have been working from Musikot Municipality word no.11 Bhalakcha VDC a remote place of Rukum district of Nepal.

The district was entirely influenced by 10 years of domestic civil war in the past. In this sense, the district was on so far backward in various aspects as compared to other district of Nepal. At the period of war the district was not at any favorable environment for the educational sector. But war ended in B.S. 2063 (2007 AD)  the country moved to peace and later then the Rukum district moved to some positive changes. However, the more children of this place become motherless and helpless during the war some of the children didn’t have opportunity to literate. say, one generation was assumed to be totally out of education. These problems are not solved yet.

The Child Help Center was funded to help those children who are under the private of food, education, health and those who are homeless, unsheltered and motherless as well as victim of earth quake, natural furky and victims of civil war.The aim is pull up these children from this lacking and poverty and to help them for education, food, shelter and other scarcities. In the starting phase of this organization, it has received  a land of 14,000 sq. meter. The organization is being collaborating and co-coordination with concerned bodies, national and international donors too establish the necessary physical infrastructures in such land.

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